For Emergencies call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.

Urgent situations: please call my cell phone as above and I will return your call within 24 hours to set up an urgent appointment. I am unable to manage crisis situations outside of appointment time. If you have a crisis or emergent situation please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room, or contact the appropriate crisis services as listed below.

Yolo County Crisis Line: Monday-Friday 8am-5pm: (530)-666-8630; after hours: (530)-666-8515; toll-free: (888)-965-6647

Sacramento County Crisis Line: 7am-11pm: (916)-875-111
11pm-7am: (888)-881-4881
24 hours: (916)-732-3637

Suicide Prevention Hotlines: • Davis (530) 756-5000 • West Sacramento (916) 372-6565 Woodland (530) 666-7778

Sacramento County

Before we meet for a session, I recommend we talk by phone for a few minutes, so that I can get a sense of what you would like help with and how I might be of assistance. It will be helpful to get a sense of your expectations. If I do not think I will be able to meet your expectations, or do not feel comfortable assisting with the problem you want help with, I will do my best to refer you to someone else who might be able to help you.

You may find it helpful and informative to review my administrative policies before contacting me.

Hours are by appointment only, usually evenings, weekends, and selected Fridays.
Dr. Leigh Harrington
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  • Name and license: Leigh Harrington, MD, A90076
  • Highest level of academic degree: Doctor of Medicine
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Control of your Personal Information
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If I become aware of a situation in which you or another person is at risk of harm, I am obligated to report this and may need to take other appropriate action. If I become aware of neglect or abuse of a minor child or elder adult, I am required to report this. Unless required by law, I will make every effort to maintian your privacy and the confidentiality of your records. Sometimes people request to have their records released for various reasons. If you decide you would like me to share information about your treatment with another party, I will need your written signed request and 5 bussiness days to complete this. I highly recommend we review released information together, and that you receive an approved copy, or you deliver the records to the person of your chosing at your discression.

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